At Garcea Technologies we offer business IT solutions through our 6-Point Maintenance Program. This program includes any number of weekly or monthly maintenance checks, but you only pay for the actual time used.

Tech Check – This is a system inventory where we go through and evaluate your system to give you a snapshot of your IT.

Strategic Planning and IT Goals – After the Tech Check, we sit down and figure out what you want your IT systems to do. From there, we put together your maintenance plan to achieve those goals.

Backup – We implement and monitor a backup system for you.

Antivirus Check – We monitor your antivirus system. If you don’t have one, we install a system and monitor it to reduce lost time and make sure that your systems aren’t down because of virus issues.

Preventive Maintenance – Since we come in at regular intervals, we perform maintenance on the systems so that everything continues to work smoothly. We have a tracking form that will allow you to remember and put down minor problems between visits. Of course, you can call at any time as well!

System Updates – We perform server and computer updates to keep everything running correctly and smoothly.

The 6-Point Maintenance Program will keep your computers running smoothly, reducing the risk of lost time–at a small fraction of the cost of an IT staff.