Tech Check

Do you have problems meeting your technology goals? Do the decision-makers in your organization know the health of your current system?

Tech Checks are a great way to inventory your company’s technology and get a snapshot in time of where your technology stands.

No one can make good decisions about their technology if they don’t even know what they have or what they use it for!

This detailed check-up will give you all the important information. It includes a way to track the age of your equipment, a blueprint of where you are now so we can plan where you want or need to be in the future, and serial number records of your current equipment to submit to the insurance company in case of a loss.

  • Tech Checks are good for short-term and long-range planning.
  • Tech Checks inventory all of your current IT equipment and help ensure against loss.
  • Tech Checks are useful as a budgeting tool.